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Our Philosophy

The philosophy at Salt and Pepper Restaurants is simple:
Anybody comes in to our restaurant is a friend or will be !. By accepting  that theory, the salt & pepper team  know that every guest will have exceptional service, outstanding food and hopefully will know that whenever they walk into our restaurant  the will feel like  they are coming home.
George  and Jhon Mitzelos have hired the best  team in Skiathos who in turn have selected the most experienced and diligent service staff possible.
In addition, by having Jhon as a head chef  , know that they have a handle on the culinary pulse of Skiathos, offering regional favourites all the while making sure that every diner can find that “one dish” that makes the dining out experience worth while.

Salt & Pepper team

We welcome you toy Salt and Pepper restaurant . A wonderful place with smily and experienced staff to serve you in the best way possible  satisfying every culinary desire !

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